LINCX: Linking Network structure and species CoeXistence.

SIMPLEX: Simple models that capture the complexity of multi-species coexistence

Explora ciencia projects CGL2014-61590-EXP and CGL2017-92436-EXP.
Researchers: Ignasi Bartomeus and Oscar Godoy

This two linked projects explore how we can add multitrophic complexity to species coexistence models.

Lincx put forward the fundational theoretical work (Godoy et al 2019), and tested the models with experimental (Bartomeus et al. 2021) and observational data (Lanuza et al 2019).


SIMPLEX tries to operationalyze those models (Martin et al 2021), make them useful (Garcia-Callejas et al 2020), and predictive (Civantos et al 2021).